Ayrton Wildbeam-R (New)

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Product Description


Ayrton Wildbeam-R New in box Including foam inlay, bracket, safety & powercon.


WILDBEAM™R, along with MAGICRING™R1, is the smallest luminaire in the RADICAL™ range. Highly compact, lightweight, super-fast and powerful, WILDBEAM™R is fitted with seven 15 Watt Osram Ostar RGBW LED sources, each paired with high yield 67 mm 4.5° collimated optics. Together these provide a 2,500 lumen shaft of light with a centre beam intensity of 262,500 candela. With a power consumption of only 130 Watt and a record-breaking 90% efficiency, this makes WILDBEAM™R the most efficient compact LED luminaire on the market. The distinctive arrangement of the optics and the individual control of each LED emitter affords numerous graphic effects. A multitude of dynamic, aerial colour effects can be created and the beam animated around a central point, while the crisp delineation of each component beam remains perfectly distinct.


An internal library of pre-programmed effects and colours is accessible through dedicated DMX channels for rapid use of the luminaire when programming time is limited.
For close-up applications, or if a wider beam is required, an optional holographic filter can be installed easily behind the front face.

WILDBEAM™R is equipped with new generation three-phase stepper motors that allow the quick and precise movement essential for WILDBEAM™R’s performance. These extremely compact new motors fit perfectly into the minimalist design of the luminaire.


• Beam aperture: 4,5°
• 85% optic efficiency
• High-efficiency 67 mm PMMA optics


• 7 multi-chip 15 Watt LED sources
• Light output: up to 2,500 lumen
• Luminous intensity: 262,500 cd
• Rated sources life: up to 50,000 hours
• Flicker free sources management, suitable for TV applications and all video recorded events


• Extremely accurate positioning
• Moving-head operated via either 8 or 16 bit resolution
• High-resolution stepper motors operated via microprocessors ensure extreme accuracy and smooth movements.
• Pan and tilt automatic repositioning
• Moving-head range: 540° (pan), 270° (tilt)


• Sophisticated 4 colours RGBW mixed, reaching high Colour Rendering Index
• Uniform light beam with no colour shadows, and rich saturated and pastel colour-hues
• 4.29 billion colours (8 bit resolution)
• Virtual colour wheel, including most usuals white colour temperature presets
• Dynamic colour macro effect with variable speed


• Electronic supply with active PFC
• 110 to 240 Volts – 50/60Hz
• Power 130 Watt max


• Advanced cooling system
• Self adjusting variable speed fans for quiet operation (Auto mode)
• Selectable auto, stage & studio ventilation modes
• Safety protection against temperatures excesses


• Product: 288 x 379 x 220 mm (l x h x d)
• Flight-case foam: 350 x 410 x 280 mm (l x h x d)


• Product: 8.7 KG

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