BSS Omnidrive FDS-366

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BSS Omnidrive FDS-366

The FDS-366 OmniDrive Compact Plus is a 3-in, 6-out processor that gives me three channels of processing with up to 60 filters of parametric EQ and, if needed, delay.
Listening tests have convinced me that it is the sweetest-sounding digital parametric. Its 24-bit, 96kHz converters provide an open sound and dynamic range that rival the best analog equalizers..

– 3 inputs and 6 Outputs for maximum flexibility in one rack space.
– New NTM™filters give even better system performance
– Hi-Spec 24-bit converters give a dynamic range in excess of 112dB.
– 96kHz Sample rate.
– Stereo Digital Input (44.1/48/88.2/96kHz AES) as well as three analogue inputs.
– New DSP algorithms for absolute phase matching.
– Alignment Assistant takes care of your driver delay settings, automatically.
– Dynamic Equalisation on every input and output.
– Freely assignable EQ filters – put eq where you need it.
– Contact closure program recall.
– Output transformer options.


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