Chamsys MQ100 PRO 2014 RED

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The MagicQ Pro series is the second generation of MagicQ Consoles, featuring the familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built media server for LED grid arrays found in the original MagicQ consoles. Uses the same software and show formats as the original consoles enabling compatibility between all products. With 18 universes all controlled and processed on-board without a need for external network processors. 9216 channels in a compact package, proven to run at full speed with all channels fully patched, there really is no similarly packaged console that can sustain this performance. Supports ArtNet, ArtNet II, Pathport and ACN. In additional there are 4 fully patchable direct DMX outputs on the rear panel.

Features a high speed Ethernet Switch which is protected by the UPS, with 4 separate high durability metal Neutrik Ethercon locking connectors, thus ensuring that both the console and the network switch maintain operation even during power loss.

The MagicQ MQ100 Pro provides an immensely powerful control console in a compact size. Ideal for easy transport, and fitting into small spaces, it is the console of choice for controlling lighting, video and LED. Full theatre cue stack control on 10 different playback faders makes easy work of complex shows. Individual channel timing, fully configurable FX, and on screen cue editing enables total artistic freedom. The on screen windows enable instant access to palettes, range information and FX for those moments when busking is required.

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