Crest Audio XR20 Mixer

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10 Space Rackmount Mixer, 12 Mono Inputs, 4 Stereo Inputs, All with Mic Preamps and 48V Phantom Power Switches

Each input channel offers four-band EQ with 18 dB-per-octave high-pass filters on the mono input channels. Additionally, recording/studio-type features are included, such as insert points on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs and left, right and mono outputs. There are six aux buses, which are selectable pre- or post-fader in pairs. The XR-20’s main outputs use XLR type jacks and are switchable between mic and line level. These features include a combination of 12 mono and four stereo inputs (a total of 20 inputs), all with mic preamps and switched 48 volt phantom power capability.

The Crest X-Rack Series are designed to be used in a wide range of applications including fixed installation, live sound reinforcement, project studio, production facilities and broadcast. Each model features versatility and quality typically found only on larger, more expensive desktop units. The innovative XR-20 and XR-24 are very cost-effective when you consider their robust construction, and exceptional performance specifications. The secret to the XR-20’s enormous flexibility is the number of features that Crest has packed into the mixer and the high degree of quality and reliability engineered into its design.

Design Focus
Crest’s design team has added a level of quality never before seen on a compact rack-mount mixer. Individual circuit boards are used for each input channel and high quality components are employed throughout. Special consideration has been given to the rejection of unwanted external signals, including the use of AES-recommended grounding procedures. The X-Rack Series mixers exhibit less than +/- 30 degrees of input-to-output phase shift – the kind of engineering quality generally reserved for only the most expensive studio consoles. One unique innovation is the fact that these consoles are built on the front panel (utilizing individual circuit boards), which allows the back panel to be removed, easily exposing each module should repair be necessary.


  • 12 Mono inputs + 4 Stereo inputs (20 inputs total), all with mic preamps and individual 48 Volt Phantom Power Switches
  • 100mm faders on all inputs and Left, Right, and Mono (center) Outputs. 60mm faders on the 4 subgroups.
  • Four band EQ on all inputs
  • 18dB per octave high pass filters on mono input channels
  • Insert on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs and L, R, & M outputs
  • 6 Aux buses, selectable pre or post fader in pairs
  • Aux’s 1 and 2 can be configured as Level/pan for stereo operation
  • XLR L, R & Mono outputs switchable between Line and Mic level
  • Internal universal line voltage power supply
  • 1/4″ TRS and RCA connectors provided on Alt Output, Monitor Output and Tape Input

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