DMT P14,4 SMD5050 LED Screen 16,5m2

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Product Description

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16.5m2 DMT P14,4 LED Screen Incl Rigging, Cables & Flightcases for 32 panels.

50x DMT P14,4
16x DMT Rigging Bar (1 Panel Width)
16x Power input cable 10Mtr
45x Power link cable 0,5Mtr
45x Data link cable utp 0,5Mtr
15x Data link cable utp 1Mtr
4x Flightcase for 8 panels (18 panels without case)

DMT’s Pixelmesh P14,4 SMD is the latest addition to the succesful DMT Pixelmesh series. It combines high transparency with a very flexible rigging system which allows for curved shapes with the panels. Every panel can be adjusted in five different angle positions (15°,7.5°,0°,-7.5°,-15°). Both vertical and horizontal. This gives you a nearly unlimited freedom to built your screen in any shape.The Pixelmesh P14,4 SMD has a high brightness of up to 7000cd/m2 with excellent color uniformity to perform in any outdoor application.

The Pixelmesh P14.4 SMD has a waterproof construction which reaches an IP grade of Ip65. Panel replacement is easy due to the adjustable king pins which allows you to replace a panel easily without disassambling the complete screen. The Pixelmesh P14,4 SMD is the right tool for the most demanding and creative visual designer.

PLED lightsource: SMD5050 RGB
Luminance: 6000 Nits
Transparancy: 33%
Refresh rate: Variable <1000Hz Cabinet area: 0,33m² Cabinet ratio: 1:1 Pixels per cabinet: 40 x 40 Pixel pitch: 14,4mm Pixel density: 4822 pixels/m² Viewing angle (HxV): 140° x 140° Control system: LED Studio Input Voltage: 100~240VAC...50/60Hz Max Power Consumpion: 300W Average Power Consumption: 100W IP Rating: IP-65 Data connection: Neutrik Ethercon Power connection: Dedicated IP-65 connector Cooling: Convection Mechanical connection: Fastlock curve system (15°,7.5°,0°,-7.5°,-15°) Maximum hanging height: 8,64m (15 modules) Cabinet size: 576 x 579 x 100 mm Cabinet weight: 11 Kg

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