Dynacord PowerMax 230

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Product Description


Dynacord PowerMax 230

Stereo Active Speaker Controller

A complete toolbox for the creation of active 2-way systems.

80 percent of all active 2-way systems include full-range speaker cabinets plus additional subwoofer. DYNACORD’s PowerMax Crossover Function (pat. pend.)(PDF 940k) has been especially designed to suit these applications.

The PowerMax crossover function provides clearly higher output in the transition range, which makes it perfect for compact speaker cabinets.

Furthermore, the EQ-section offers additional tools: The LO-EQ is an adjustable LPN Filter (PDF1729k) for controlling the “punch” while the MID-EQ – a 4kHz DIP-filter – allows reducing a horn speaker’s “aggressiveness” and the HI-EQ is meant for increasing the “brilliance” according to one’s personal taste.

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