Elements Krypton 25 (KR-25) Matrix Blinder

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Product Description


Elements Krypton 25 Matrix Blinder in good condition Incl 1/4 flightcase.


The Krypton 25 (Kr 25) is a handy medium for the lighting industry. It establishes a new type of lighting system with its pre-set, integral programs or the independent modular option. 25-channel pixel mapping of the 25 Par30 75 watt Halogen Lamps grant you complete control with full dimming abilities. The 4 DMX modes let you operate the Kr 25’s lamps and macros separately, while the built-in macros will impress your audience. You can have complete control of the macros and lamps independently by using a total of 29 channels.


  • Uses 25 PAR30 240V/75W Lamps 30° 2900K
  • 29 channel DMX control
  • Net weight 39 lbs
  • Digital rear display and led readout
  • Full pixel control
  • Power requirement: 1900Watt
  • AC208-240V, 50Hz~60Hz
  • Warm up time: approx. 60 Second
  • DMX 512 control

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