ETC Selador Vivid Ice 21″

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Product Description


ETC Selador Vivid Ice 21″ in good condition, without flightcase.


The Selador Vivid Ice LED Fixture – 21″ from ETC is a highly efficient LED fixture that provides a full range of colors at the blue end of the spectrum. From deep indigo to warm blues, moonlight blues, teals, blue-greens and greens, the Vivid Ice is an ideal deep color fixture for both stage and studio use. The trademarked x7 Color System by ETC and powerful 2.5W LED emitters are more efficient, consuming typically 70 watts of power in comparison to tungsten light sources with blue gels that would use 575 watts for a similar application. Vivid Ice fixtures are often used in conjunction with Vivid Fire fixtures which provide a range of reds, yellows and oranges. Combined you have the extremes of deeply saturated, high-intensity blues and reds that can blend seamlessly with gel output of conventional fixtures.


Vivid-Ice fixtures utilize 40 Luxeon Rebel 2.5W LED emitters per individually controlled cell and come in two sizes: 11″, 21″. The 21″ model houses two independently controlled cells and can be mounted via a yoke, trunnion or hanging bracket.

  •  50,000 hour LED life
  •  40 Luxeon Rebel 2.5W LED emitters per cell
  •  Exclusive x7 Color System specialized 5-color LED array
  •  Vivid Ice – optimized for full range of blues, teals, lavenders and greens
  •  Interacts seamlessly with conventional sources
    •  Native tight beam spread of approximately 26°
    •  Secondary lenses install in fixture front to change distribution of light
    •  Use a combination of vertical and horizontal lenses to spread
  • DMX512 in and thru via 5-pin XLR connectors
  • 21″ fixture contains 2 independently controlled cells
  • 6 channel control: (5 color plus intensity)
  • Intensity channel minimizes color shift during dimming
  • 15-bit internal control for smooth low-end dimming

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