High End Systems Hog III RCU + DP2000 Set

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High End Systems Hog III RCU + DP2000 Set, in good condition.


Wholehog® 3 offers programmers significant advances in console technology, whether you’re using conventional, automated or digital lighting products. With the perfect blend of style and function, the Wholehog III streamlines operations, lowers costs and opens new creative doors.


Ideal for stand alone applications or as back-up, this product requires a DP2000 or DP8000 to output DMX.



The Wholehog DP 2000 DMX processor provides the output power for Wholehog systems. The Wholehog Operating System doesn’t limit you to a fixed number of DMX channels – just add as many DP2000 DMX processors as needed (along with an Ethernet switch) to supply the specified number of DMX universes for the production or installation.

Each unit features four insolated, half-duplex DMX512 ports and one Fast Ethernet input for a total channel output count of 2048 per unit on four DMX universes. By utilizing distributed processing and adding processing as needed to your system, the console OS is not significantly affected by adding additional channel output capacity.

Four isolated, half duplex DMX 512 outputs (2048 channel total output capacity)
Local interface with LCD screen and buttons for configuration and testing
DMX status and test facilities
All functions are configurable remotely
Firmware remotely upgradeable over network
75MHz PowerPC processor with 32Mbyte DRAM and 8Mbyte FLASH memory
100Base-TX fast ethernet
White LED backlit graphic LCD for graphical user interface
Comprehensive LED status feedback
Auto-ranging mains input (90-250V AC)
1U 19″ rack unit, 4.5″ deep

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