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The Lake Contour revolutionizes how artists, audiences, and engineers experience live audio. Lake’s signal processing expertise has produced a revolutionary digital processor that optimizes live sound in entirely new ways. The Contour has more in common with the mastering processors found in professional studios than the equalizers and crossovers typically used for live sound.

The Contour is a two-input, six-output DSP loudspeaker controller that utilizes extended precision 40-bit floating-point math to implement its crossovers, dynamics, delay, and equalization functions. The Contour Controller software runs on a Windows (98, 2000, ME, and XP) PC. The Contour’s innovative Ethernet-based network design provides a wireless touchscreen interface that delivers commands from the Contour Controller to each Contour Processor. This allows the engineer to listen and adjust any parameter of any Contour on the Ethernet network from any location in the venue.

The Contour’s most significant features are:
• State-of-the-art filter synthesis technique allows unlimited number of EQ layers.
• Unique Mesa Filter.
• Extensive selection of linear phase, traditional, and non-traditional crossover filters.
• Wireless touchscreen control enables adjustment from any position in the venue.
• 3-position ground-lift switch provides unparalleled external noise rejection.
• 40-bit floating-point precision throughout entire signal processing path.
• 24-bit/96-kHz Converters.

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