Midas Verona 640

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Midas Verona 640 in excellent condition, including flightcase and dust cover.

The Midas Verona is a large-format sound reinforcement console aimed squarely at the professional concert-sound market. The Verona retains the quality and feature set expected of Midas, resulting in ultra-quiet performance, flexible signal routing and an overall pristine sound quality. The console is an 8-bus unit with a variety of chassis configurations. This console features 64 input channels with balanced XLR microphone preamplifiers and 1/4″ phone line inputs.

All inputs feature direct outputs and inserts for routing audio to external processors, monitor mixers, etc. Group and Master output sections feature balanced XLR male connections. Four-band sweep EQ provides incredibly detailed signal contouring. Eight auxiliary send outputs feature discrete level control and may be used for routing to effects, monitors, etc. The Verona is sure to be all any professional mixing engineer will need for concert sound, theater sound, cooperate events, large-scale presentations, etc.

64 Input Channels
The Verona is available in a variety of channel frames. This console features 64 input channels with balanced XLR microphone and 1/4″ phone line inputs.
Four Band Parametric EQ
All channel inputs feature a four-band parametric EQ section for detailed audio frequency contouring.
Eight Bus Outputs
Eight output buses provide discrete routing to recorders, effects, monitors, etc.
Four Auxiliary Sends
Four auxiliary sends are dedicated outputs for signal routing to effects.
Flexible Routing
Inn addition the Verona features direct outputs on all input channels and insert points.

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