High End Systems Full Boar 4

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Product Description


High End Systems Full Boar 4 in good condition. Including flightcase, desk cover and desklights.

High End Systems’ Full Boar 4 is versatile enough to handle everything from a corporate show to a full stadium gig.  The Full Boar 4 offers all the power of the flagship Hog 4, but in a more compact and affordable package, with sleek lines, raked screens, and that familiar layout.

Full Boar 4 provides two 15.6-inch multi-touch monitors and two additional video outputs.  Four on-board DMX universes drive the rig, and two gigabit Ethernet ports are provided for Art-Net, sACN, and console networking.  Full Boar 4 satisfies the demanding programmer, and brings the package in on budget.

Full Boar 4 Console Features

  • 12 DMX universes with no co-processing
  • One motorized Grand Master
  • Ten motorized playback faders
  • Five encoders for an expanded wheelset
  • 2 articulating 15.6″ touchscreens with 10 point multi-touch
  • Supports two external monitors or touchscreens
  • Tri Axis backlit trackball, with rotary encoder for the third axis and four configurable buttons for cursor and position control
  • 4 DMX outputs
  • 2 EtherCon RJ45 outputs (HogNet, sACN, ArtNet)
  • 5 USB Ports, plus MIDI connections

Hog 4 OS Features

  • Show file compatibility with the entire Hog 4 Family, from the Hog 4 down to the HedgeHog 4.
  • Wired and wireless networking ability with multiple Wholehog console systems
  • Unlimited number of DMX channels via Ethernet DPs
  • Unlimited number of Art-Net and sACN universes via Ethernet DPs
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous crossfades

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