SaberPix (Custom made)

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Product Description


Custom made Saber Pix including 1/2 flightcase.
SaberPix is an automated yoke fixture fitted with a one-meter long cylinder of LED lights. The entire fixture (Including the leds of the light saber) is controller via DMX.

LEDs are in segments of 3. So every 3 LEDS are one RGB channel.

See the product video in the description.


Pixelpitch: 12.5mm
Weight: 19kg
Dimensions: 147 x 37 x 39 cm
LED Type: 3 in 1 Black SMD
Refresh rate: 3,000 Hz
Pan: 550 degrees
Tilt: 200 degrees
AC Power: 100-240 volts
Brightness: 250 lumens

Product video: